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Youtubers Life APK Download - Android Popular Tycoon Star Simulator Game
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Youtubers Life 1.3.0

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Youtubers Life APK Download - Android Popular Tycoon Star Simulator Game

Make your dream come true and enjoy a successful life of a YouTuber with the latest simulation video from U-play Online.

What YouTubers Life Is About

Inspired by Game Dev Tycoon and The Sims series, in YouTubers Life, the player will control and manage an ambitious character who’s trying to build a worldwide YouTube career. But instead of focusing solely on building an online business, the game also allows players to manage other aspects of their character’s life, including their education and social life.

As your business develops, you’ll have the option to hire more employees and manage their works to grow the content network. There are opportunities to grow your audience and generate incomes, such as create videos for friends, for advertising contracts, and the revenue from online ads.

You can purchase important upgrades for your character using the earned money and gain access to valuable resources that could be used to level up the character’s skills.

Youtubers Life: Gaming

Some concepts in YouTubers Life

Friend System

The Friend System consists of 5 different categories: haters, strangers, acquaintances, friends, special ones (special friends, couple, spouse). At the beginning of the game, you’ll have a few random friends of your own, you can choose to make them your best friends or go out and meet more new friends. To increase the affection of a person toward you, it’s important to fill up their Friendship Bar with you. Once it is full, your friendship will usually rank up.

Haters are randomly created during the game and you can only talk to them if you accidentally meet them. A simple way to make friends is doing tasks, if you complete one for a stranger he/she will become your acquaintance, if you complete one for an acquaintance he/she will become your friends, and so on.

Once your friends have trusted you enough, you can hire them to help you with your videos. To progress from friend to special friend, your Friendship Bar must be at full and you must ask the person to a date. In addition, for them to become your Couple or Spouse, you must ask your partner to a relationship or propose to them, respectively.

Keep in mind that the actions above may fail and result in decreased friendship point. Moreover, if you don’t interact with your friends after an extended time, your friendship would also start to decrease.

Youtubers Life: Gaming

Choice Scenarios

The game feature dozens of different choice scenarios, each with different options and unique outcome for each option. These outcomes will have different effects on your business and social life. For example, you can choose to lend your neighbor your video games in exchange for new subscribers or reject and lose a few subscribers due to the neighbor trash comments. Choose it wisely and you’ll receive awesome boosts and rewards from your decisions.

Video Clip

The video clips that you’ve collected are the essential materials for creating videos. Each clip has two main traits:

Video type – decide which reaction cards are available

There are currently 4 different types of video clips, which are the intro, transition, body, and outro. Each comes with their own unique border colors of blue, orange, purple, and green, respectively. While intro clips can only initiate link and outro clips can only accept links, transition and body clips can do both.

Video description – associated with the overall emotion of your videos

With each uploaded video clip, you’ll have the option to add a brief description of it. The line consists of three words and a short sentence that is associated with a single emotion.

Youtubers Life: Gaming


Different foods will provide different power-ups, which are food point, health point, and sleep point. Here you find all foods, their effects to decide whether you should consume it:

  • Pizza: +6 food points
  • Hamburger: + 8 food points
  • Coconut Milk: +5 food points
  • Coca-Cola: +2 food points, +2 sleep points

There are also unique foods on different occasions such as Eyeball soup for Halloween, Turkey for Thanksgiving, and so on.

Youtubers Life: Gaming

What you can do in YouTubers Life

The game delivers a unique life simulation and online business tycoon experience for the fans of the genres. You’ll start your journey in your cozy bedroom that you’ve lived in ever since you’re little. Use your creativity, grow your business, earn money and use it to purchase awesome upgrades and power-ups.

YouTubers Life features almost everything you could get for your creative career regardless of the path you’ve chosen. You can become a video game streamer and gain access to the best game consoles in the game. Or choose to be an influential blogger and inspire thousands of your fans.

Along with the YouTube career, you can manage different aspects of the character’s life, including friends, family, and time management.

Create your own video

By featuring the whole video creating process, players can experience the immersive gameplay with lots of contents. Create your own video and upload it on the Internet. Purchase items online and wait for them to be delivered right at your front door. Play games and records the videos to upload them online.

Enjoy life

The game also allows players to enjoy their daily life apart from the video making job. A YouTuber’s life isn’t always about likes and subscribers. There are tons of other things that need your attention, such as your friends, families, and yourself. Give yourself a treat by going to the theater, watch your favorite TV show, chill out at the nightclub, and meet interesting friends that would make your life more complete.

Become a Celebrity

And if your dream has always been to become a celebrity, YouTubers Life is a great game to make it happen. With the booming of social networks, you can become famous and popular in no time. Compete with other YouTubers to become the best, and have your fans screaming just to be able to take photos with you.

Thanks for reading our YouTuber Life Apk review and we’ll see you in our future posts.

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Youtubers Life What's New

- Revamped GUI and usability
- New cards, images and expressions to personalize your videos
- A new moral system
- Brand new quest givers
- Deeper connection with followers

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