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Wonder Tactics Mod APK for Android - Download latest version 1.7.3
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Wonder Tactics 1.7.3

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Wonder Tactics Mod APK for Android - Download latest version 1.7.3

Wonder Tactics
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Wonder Tactics

Wonder Tactics

Wonder Tactics

Wonder Tactics

Wonder Tactics is an immersive 3D game – online strategy. The game is an interesting combination of Com2uS development strategy. The game is released for free on Android, and it has expanded its market worldwide. The game is a follow-up to the global success and splendor of the Summoner War. Background in a magical land – the place is governed by outstanding heroes. However, the peace is threatened by the Punir dark forces, and the difficulty is creating terror to mankind. You are the commander of the heroic army, and chase away the evil clans.

Wonder Tactics is considered blockbuster in the role-playing genre – attractive turn-based tactics. The game is the biggest ever investment of Com2uS, with the number of heroes up to 250 people (5 different attributes of Water, Fire, Earth, Darkness and Light). Wonder Tactics possesses an attractive 3×3 arrayed gameplay, extensive tactical skill system. The game promises a lot of fun, and time for gamers to invest.

The Wonder Tactics possesses unique personalities with the system of powerful characters and attacks. Each hero in your squad will possess 2 super skills to suppress enemies according to each situation, each game. Depending on the hero’s characteristics, you will have different skills in attack, defense or heal … Especially, you will enjoy the eye-catching effects, the unexpected effects of the warriors. unique. Besides storyline mode, Wonder Tactics also allows players to show their strength through challenge to other players. The game has strong rankings, and constantly changes by day. You can look at your opponent’s tactics, formations, and give them proper tactics.

Wonder Tactics owns great graphics with special colors. Vividly re-created battles, armies and enemies in beautiful 3D images, amazing skill effects. Sounds bring cheerful melodies, magnanimous atmosphere. Besides, the game has many interesting battle modes like Normal Dungeons, Special Dungeons, Secret, Dungeons, Boss Raid, and Arena (PvP). Wonder Tactics will become a new wind in the global mobile gaming market.

In short, Wonder Tactics is a blockbuster in the role-playing genre – turn-based strategy. The game is carefully invested with a large number of heroic characters, attractive 3 × 3 arrayed gameplay. In addition, you also experience an extensive and exciting strategy skill system. However, the gameplay is still quite simple, easy as most other RPGs. But Wonder Tactics has a beautiful graphics platform, and cute character shaping. The game creates a variety of customization through each player’s play. You will have a unique way of training and building strength.

Featured 3 × 3 tactical gameplay, intuitive controls are one of the great plus points for the game. Wonder Tactics has an extensive map system, unlimited PvE and PvP battles. In short, Wonder Tactics will bring great experiences in a large arena, hundreds of special heroes and lots of exciting ways to play. Be ready to check the limits of many different Dungeons and PvP Systems with a completely new RPG experience.

Be ready to change the lineup for different fighting styles in different strategic battles. The game will be an extensive version with 150 Dungeon in 3 difficulty modes, Special Dungeon (Treasure Tower, Raid, Secret Dungeon, Arena, etc.), and challenge global PvP mode.

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Wonder Tactics What's New

The ultimate strategic RPG you've been waiting for!

- New Reincarnation System
- Attendance upgrade
- Skill/trait balancing (Light Heroes)
- Adjusted the no. of turns decreasing upon revival
- Secret Dungeon benefit upgrade (Below Lv. 79)
- Time limit penalty to rejoin the same guild
- Language support termination (RU/ES/PT/ID)
- Achievement modification
- Other bug fixes and improvements

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