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Witch Weapon 1.1.90 APK Download - Free Role Playing game for Android
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Witch Weapon 1.1.90

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Witch Weapon 1.1.90 APK Download - Free Role Playing game for Android

Witch Weapon

Witch Weapon

Witch Weapon

Witch Weapon

■ We invite you to world view of witch armory
Why did the boy become a girl?
Summon the strongest army witches and uncover the secrets.

■ Unleash the action of a potential witch in your weapon!
Find witches sealed in weapons
Witch control unique combination of skills.

■ Studded Japanese Participation in Raung and Sung Woojin OST
Famous voice actors participated from Japan’s representative voice actor, Cookie Miyari!
Until the charming OST called Raon !!

■ Hero costume can be enjoyed in various shapes!
Various fashion items full of hero’s closet!
It is also important to change clothes according to the situation!

◈ Official Community ◈
▶ Official Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/witchweapon
▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witchweapon/
▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/witchweapon

Access right information

▶ Selective access rights

A. Dialing & Management & Storage
1. When a guest user accesses the game through an e-platform, appropriate authorization is required.

B. microphone
1. The voice chat function exists in the app and when you use the function, you need to approve microphone usage permission.
2. Cafe video recording function exists, and when using this function, permission to use microphone is required.

C. Camera
1. Cafe video recording function exists, and when using this function, permission to use camera is required.
2. There is AR function in the App, and when using this function, permission to use camera is required.

– How to withdraw access rights
– Operating system 6.0 or later: Settings> Application manager> Select application> Permission> Permission to revoke access right
– Operating system under 6.0: Removal of access can not be revoked.

– Storage space permission: It can be used for downloading resources, and when revoking permission, resource interruption or game accessibility may occur.

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