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Taichi Panda Mod APK + DATAfor Android - Download latest version 2.54
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Taichi Panda 2.54

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Taichi Panda Mod APK + DATAfor Android - Download latest version 2.54

Taichi Panda is a 3D MMORPG game. The game is built on a mobile platform, and it has a vast world. In addition, the game is built towards the open world (Open World), and it uses Flexi Engine graphics platform of Snail Games. The game is an amazing combination of gameplay and surroundings.

Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda owns a large world, and gamers can freely travel anywhere on interesting maps. You will be free to buy items in the village, or fight monsters and bosses. You will start between choosing Lion and Panda. Each party has 4 typical Class strains. However, the combat mechanics are quite similar, but because of different backgrounds and factions, they carry almost unique looks. This shows how diligent and thorough the game content is with the Class selection. In parallel with a larger and larger scale play, Taichi Panda also has an excellent graphics. Character models, surroundings are cared for with light effects and vivid shadows. Armor pieces, joints or patterns on the character’s body are also shown with extremely high detail .. players must stand still and watch.

Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda talked about the story in mainland Avzar – the place where the duel between the two factions took place. You will optionally join the Panda Alliance, or pursue freedom and justice to bring mainland peace. Your opponent is the evil force with a conspiracy to rule the world. They are passionate about power and believe that glory belongs to powerful people. The two factions have different characters and styles, so players will have many choices when starting an exciting adventure. The game is a large open world MMORPG created by 3rd generation Engine Flexi technology – the ultimate graphics technology from Snail Games itself. Players will be pleased with much better graphics than previous versions.

Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda is an orthodox serial version of the “Taichi Panda” style, with an oriental fantasy image. Everything is very beautiful and detailed in every detail. Combat mechanism is extremely smooth and lively. players are free to change the main controls, and discover lots of engaging interactive gameplay content. Players will explore the vast virtual world with many special things. You will participate in the game and choose your favorite character class. You will participate in exploring the vast world, hunting and domesticating about 1000 different mounts. In addition, you can fight world boss, team up and join fierce air battlefields.

Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda not only controls a single character. Players will manage and develop an army with many mighty warriors. Besides the storyline PvE mode, 10vs10 PvP battlefield is also worth taking part in. Besides, players also collect powerful mounts to accompany them to fight underground – in the air. The game also has an effective Tutorial system, and players can easily grasp basic and advanced operations. Flexible camera system allows flexible switching between 2.5D and 3D at any time. This allows the player to easily observe the scene, and change the angle according to your preferences.

In short, Taichi Panda 3 possesses a variety of attractive features, top-notch graphics platform, harmonious gameplay content and a diverse character system. The game promises to give players a completely different view of MMORPG genre on mobile platform.

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