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Survival Heroes APK Download by Snail Games - Free Action game for Android
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Survival Heroes 1.0.2

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Survival Heroes APK Download by Snail Games - Free Action game for Android

Survival Heroes
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Survival Heroes Review

Battle Royale games are becoming more and more popular ever since the first release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The game delivers a completely fresh experience for its players with tons of cool things to do.

Survival Heroes

Hence, many developers have placed their new Battle Royale games on the test, but none are able to match PUBG. Only a few that come with really creative features are able to complete with its, for example, Fortnite with its cartoony graphics and the ability to build stuff from the basic materials, or Rules of Survival being one of the first Battle Royale in mobile devices.

Survival Heroes is one of those games that provide great creativity by combining the already-famous MOBA style into Battle Royale gaming. This, in turns, creates a huge boost as many people are seeking to play this game even prior to its official release.

Find out what’s good about this game with our comprehensive review.

Survival Heroes

Installing Survival Heroes

You can go to Google Play Store to download the game right now. Look for it at the Action Category in the Games Section. After that, just open the page and tap on the install button to begin the installation. Though it is in development, players can start playing the game at this moment.

Survival Heroes

Playing Survival Heroes

Gamers who are looking for experiences like no others before will find this game extremely addictive. The MOBA and Battle Royale gaming styles prove to be a perfect match.
It is essentially still a Battle Royale game where you’ll start on a drone and then drop on an isolated island. But everything changes the moment you see that small level indicator, which shows that your character can level up. This allows you to level up your heroes by gaining experiences.

Survival Heroes

Experiences can be obtained by killing other players or countless monsters that are wandering the area. These monsters can be extremely powerful and it requires a lot of luck and effort to deal with them. But on the other hand, you can find lots of cool items after the combat.
The weapons in Survival Heroes are extremely diverse with almost 30 categories. It is extremely helpful when creating a perfect item build that fits the current situation.
And like any other MOBA game, you can power up your character by using certain items that would help you in your battles. But instead of buying them, you need to scavenging the area to find for loot or eliminate others to get their items. Plus, you can set traps and wait for the enemies to fall for it.

You won’t have to select your champions at the beginning of the game anymore since everyone is equal at the beginning. It is your item build and composition that matter the most. And most importantly, no matter what you do, don’t be the first one to be sent home.


The game comes with extremely innovative and unique features that are definitely worth looking forward to. We’re highly positive with this combination of MOBA and Battle Royale gaming, so you won’t likely to be disappointed when playing this.

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