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Sony Six Live Tv HD APK Download - Android Entertainment Apps
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Sony Six Live Tv HD 4.7.8

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Sony Six Live Tv HD APK Download - Android Entertainment Apps


Sony is among the world’s top television provider, as well as a major influencer in the entertainment industry. The company is famed for not only its excellent hardware products such as audio devices and televisions, but also services such as on-demand streams of movies and series. Sony Six Live TV is the app catering to the Indian market with needs for such live stream services, and so far, they have provided quite a lot of value for such a simple app.

This would provide you with an entire world of entertainment composed of everything you could imagine of, and everything that could be found on TV would most likely also be found here.

Sony Six Live Tv HD APK


While the app user interface itself is relatively lackluster and could be considered to be completely lacking in term of aesthetics. The app made it up for the superb quality of its streams and expansive variety of channels that you can tune to as a viewer.

The best thing about this app yet is probably its attention to the specific Indian market that it is currently trying to operate in. The app’s service probably provides the biggest amount of Hindi serials and special events that can only be viewed through this specific service alone. Besides, it also provides viewers with virtually unlimited access to a variety of services such as: “thousands of hours of entertainment, latest TV serials, Movies and LIVE Sports, Original Web Series, Kids Special Content, Short-Films, LIV FIT, LIVE TV Channels and Music”. All of them are extremely appealing, and for a very good reason that they do: They’re all of premium quality that can rarely be found elsewhere, especially for something that is completely free such as this.

Sony Six Live Tv HD APK

The app boasts eight channels that you can tune into at any particular time:

  • SET
  • SAB TV
  • Sony SIX
  • Sony PIX
  • AXN
  • Sony ESPN,
  • Sony MIX

At the same time, the app also has ten sport channels for all those who are sport savvy out there to tune in whenever there is a special sport even that are live.

  • TEN 1
  • TEN 2
  • TEN 3
  • TEN Golf HD
  • TEN 1 H

Sony Six Live Tv HD APK

But the most exciting feature yet of the entire thing is that its integration with Chromecast: You can stream the images straight to a Chromecast compatible device and watch it together with your family through a larger screen than your phone or your tablet. And the app itself will act as a virtual remote control ready for all of your needs.

Additionally, you can also download any videos you are fond of to your device so that you can watch them offline whenever you want to. Eliminating entirely the needs of having 24/7 Internet access just for you to watch your favourite shows or segments.

Sony Six Live Tv HD APK


Although lacking noticeably in term of aesthetic, the app made it up for all of its weaknesses through the diverse amount of entertainment that it can bring to users. Coupling with the quality of it all, you can’t really have a better deal.

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