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SkidStorm APK Mod for Android - Download latest version 1.0.142
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SkidStorm 1.0.142

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SkidStorm APK Mod for Android - Download latest version 1.0.142

SkidStorm Multiplayer is a 3D racing game. The game offers a global real-time racing experience. The game is free, and the graphics are simple. You can challenge others online or play alone offline. Gameplay provides smooth, and easy control for racing. You can drive amazing cars, and drift in all types of rails. Please swipe your finger and experience dramatic races. You can also fill nitro to speed up, or overcome all to become the champion. The game is easy to control with the “Left” and “Right” buttons. Then you will fill nitro to speed up and pass the corner to win the game.


SkidStorm — Multiplayer is a great, exciting game. You carefully maintain your drift to get the opportunity in speed up. If you want to overcome others, Chicane is the key. Use nitro wisely, and create the best straight line. The game impresses with 24 interesting songs, and you can choose from a real-time multiplayer race. The game is not limited to creativity, and you can choose from 17 different types of cars. You can customize the car to make up 12 skins, 5 parts, and the ability to interesting upgrades in turbo engines, engines, nitrogen and tires. Set up a clan to play with friends and share glory. In addition, you will need to win the title, and receive great things from the rankings. In addition, you will experience many great game modes in real time accordingly. The game makes fun with global mode, single player mode, career mode, AI mode, and lots of new content.


SkidStorm — Multiplayer is a race between online players. You will experience great drifting matches in exciting racing. You will experience great games in exciting races. Use the controls in the touch screen. You have buttons to turn left and right. In addition, you also use turbo buttons on both sides of the screen. The only thing you need to charge your turbo is slide.


SkidStorm owns a huge car collection. You will find a remarkable number of 11 different vehicles. You need to unlock with four different settings. You can upgrade everything about each vehicle: speed, turbo, control, etc. The game makes the old super school racing feel, with perfectly adapted controls in the modern touch screen. The game uses very interesting gameplay and outstanding graphics. The game creates top-down racing with full high-octane action. The game also creates a slick physics experience, action packed gameplay, more synchronized players and much more fun. The game is a combination of a short session time, and a driving model that is satisfactory in an easily digestible format. You will enjoy sharp controls, and fun gameplay in a perfect competitive experience. Enjoy gameplay and images inspired by classic 80Â and 90Â racing games, like Micro Machines.


In short, SkidStorm is an amazing 3D racing game in the minimalist for mobile. The game uses simple graphics, simple physics and simple gameplay. But you won’t be bored with 17 unlocked cars, and all have their own indicators, strengths and weaknesses. The game creates 24 interesting songs to go further in career mode. Get ready for the exciting race, but no less difficult.

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