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SEGA Heroes APK Download - Free Role Playing game for Android
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SEGA Heroes APK Download - Free Role Playing game for Android

SEGA Heroes Review

SEGA has been a huge game company for decades, thus, they’ve introduced many famous in-game characters. SEGA Heroes is a simple yet addictive game that allows you to create a team of your favorite SEGA characters and use them to challenge your opponents.

This action-RPG title features some of the most unique aspects that are suitable for mobile gaming. Find out more with our comprehensive review.

SEGA Heroes

Installing SEGA Heroes

First of all, it is a free-to-play game, which means you can download and install it with no charge. You can then create an account and begin your journey in the world of SEGA Heroes. Although there are in-game purchases, you can still freely play your game and collect tokens instead of spending your hard-earn money.

SEGA Heroes

Playing SEGA Heroes

You will start by building a team of your favorite SEGA heroes, hence the name, you can then customize each of them to fit in your team. Each hero comes with special abilities and can also be upgraded in order to gain more power.

SEGA Heroes

Combine your power with the puzzles in order to perform powerful skills that deal devastating damages to your opponents. And, if you think the game stages are too simple, the Survival Mode is always opened so that you can find out how far you can go.

You can also play live events or take on the adventure mode to earn awesome prizes. Moreover, the PvP arena enables battles between real players, a really good place to sharpen your skill as well as finding the right team composition.

SEGA Heroes

And what will heroes do without the villains, the game allows you to challenge the famous bosses from all SEGA game collection including Mr. X, Dr. Eggman, and more.

The graphics are cartoony but still visually impressive, you can watch your characters perform beautiful skill shots while bringing down your enemies.

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