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Sacred Sword Princesses 1.7.4

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Sacred Sword Princesses APK Download - Android Role Playing Games


Sacred Sword Princesses is an action-immersive 3D game. The game is about the ambition of the Mistress of Night, and she wants to ascend the throne and devour Midgardia. You are the one who holds the holy sword, and your mission is to rescue this world by making intimate rituals with the beautiful girls of the world. You will unleash their divine power, and you will join the goddesses of Mani to defeat the Beast’s legion, free this world.

Sacred Sword Princesses APK

Midgardia kingdom is a place created by the Mani Moon Goddess, and this magnificent land has only women living. You are summoned by the Goddess to protect the virgin land. You will train your warriors, and unlock the sacred forces hidden within them. Do everything to rescue Midgardia from the imminent death of the Goddess. The game is set up intriguing and expanding in complex, playful storyline. You need to fight many villains, and the Queen is strong from twelve fierce Empires.

Sacred Sword Princesses APK

In short, you are the only man in a world where only women live. You are a great person, and the only one who can save them from pure destruction. The game belongs to the fast-paced action adventure genre. The player will learn the fate of the utopian heroine in the sacred ritual Soul Harmony ritual. The game possesses intense gameplay and a desire story. The game offers interesting intimate moments, you can watch the lovemaking scene in Harem by reaching the key points in the story with a warrior oyster. You can unlock new ships through Gacha drawings. Players have many opportunities to receive free Gacha prizes and other valuable prizes.

Sacred Sword Princesses APK

Players also enjoy high quality gameplay in animation and fighting style. Players will perform manual attacks or automatic modes (entertainment and convenience). In addition, players can use many unique movements and upgrades for character customization. Visit the Talent Point map after level four and discover the options offered. In story mode, you will discover many maps for different possibilities. Players can equip armor to increase their defenses, and use the collected items in battle to increase the victory.

You are the only man in a world run by women, and you will have all the strength and desire. The player will surely feel the passionate romance and intense fighting together in a bizarre action adventure game.

Sacred Sword Princesses APK

The game is more interesting than 30 Unique Characters, and you can choose to create the perfect combination for your needs. In addition, you will manage elements, classes and attack types for your battle. Try to become intimate with the members of your team, and learn about Harem episodes. Experience all the characters in Live2D, and explore their emotions. You will enjoy the completely nude Live2D mode for your favorite ships. In particular, the game has more than 30 collectible characters, and all are free to play. The game is completely uncensored with many other settings, and you will safely enjoy more than 50 hours of playing in the exciting storyline. Customize your team and forge powerful equipment for the PVP and Co-op battles available. The game is available on mobile and PC, English and Chinese devices.

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