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Power Rangers: All Stars APK Mod for Android - Download latest version 0.0.149
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Power Rangers: All Stars 0.0.77

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Power Rangers: All Stars APK Mod for Android - Download latest version 0.0.149

Power Rangers: All Stars

Power Rangers: All Stars

Power Rangers: All Stars

Power Rangers: All Stars

Power Rangers: All Stars is a 3D action game – role-playing – online strategy. You will join the superheroes of your childhood. Players will have the opportunity to recruit their favorite superheroes in the Power Rangers series, and you will create a powerful team to protect the Earth. Superhero Red Yellow and Blue (from RPM Super Squad) were dispatched to Corinth – the only surviving city on Earth. The mission of the superheroes is to investigate the activities of Venjix within Professor Q.’s research facility. Here, the superman group sees a space gate hoping to save the Corinthians from the threat of Venjix coming.  When investigating the laboratory, Dr. K discovers that the “quantum anchor” portal leads to a parallel space full of monsters. Let’s go along with the Superman throughout history, and establish the supreme superman to get rid of monsters and cruel machines.

The context is quite simple, and you will fight an evil man. He has found time-consuming technology, and all the Power Rangers superhero teams must join forces to fight against him. The game will bring the Power Rangers experience to life like a role-playing game. You will collect and level up Power Rangers from each TV series, and create dynamic, powerful Rangers teams. In addition, you will also create tactical teams for alternate daily missions and dungeons. The game has a lot of interesting rewards for you.

The game is developed in a tactical direction, and you will enjoy matches in real time. You can use the skill to hit the opponent most effectively. You have complete control over the team, but you can pause the game to make the most accurate decisions when needed. You need to activate the clock icon on the right hand side of the screen, and the player will be able to slow down the time to be able to reorganize the attack at will.

Players also activate unique skills after each turn of time. It can be powerful skills to increase damage, defense for teammates, … You even have the ability to summon Megazord fighting robots to help you every time you encounter difficulties. In particular, the scene of Megazord appears in detail on the beautiful 3D graphics platform. Even the collection of fighting robots is very rich. You will encounter both Gao’s Megazord familiar with our childhood.

In addition to playing according to the plot, gamers can also participate in 5vs5 PvP matches with other players. Join the alliance to step into extremely dramatic battles on a large scale. The battle lineup will consist of five characters and the player’s task is to select and arrange the characters in the most logical way. Especially in the battle process, the appearance of Megazord will create strong highlights.

Be ready to accompany more than 50 Superman in the journey to destroy the evil forces. In addition, players can use superheroes to automatically fight or control as you like. Each superman will have a basic move with an ultimate skill unlocked at a 4-star level. Finally, you will enjoy the appendices, you will collect gold and pieces of equipment or robots. The player can summon this super robot to fight in interesting versions instead of superhero squad. If you’ve ever had a crush on supremacy battles of superheroes, this is a game not to be missed.

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Power Rangers: All Stars What's New

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