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NTES APK Download - Android National Train Enquiry System App
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NTES 8.8

Android,APP,Travel & Local, Centre for Railway Information Systems

NTES APK Download - Android National Train Enquiry System App

The Indian National Railway is a complex system to maneuver. Even if you remember the map and the time that each train would arrive at, and depart, as well as their destinations. The greatest challenge is always to know the information regarding your ride when they come unexpected: Such as when they’re suddenly cancelled, delayed, or diverted.

Moreover, with the complexity that the network constantly operates at, you would want something that can manage your travel through the country effectively. The official NTES (National Train Enquiry System) can help you remedy just that problem.


If you come to this app looking for a bright and dazzling design, it’s probably not the place. The app was designed using the simplest of design elements. And it seems like the designers did not even take the efforts to modify stock elements usually provided with app design programmes for it to be more aesthetically pleasing. Nonetheless, packed within this relatively dense and barebone UI would be a functional train tracking app that’s going to be a trusty travel companion whenever you need one.

The app is most notably comprised of these handy features:

  • Spot Your Train: The most basic function that an app with this design should be able to do. You would be able to find and track the train number that you’re looking for, heading toward a multitude of destinations anywhere in the country.
  • Live Station: Live update of train routes arriving, going through, or departing from a particular station. This would help immensely if you want to track multiple stations in real time.
  • Basic Route Status: Whether that there are any problems for the train of the particular route (Cancelled, delayed, or diverted). This is the prized function of this app, since it is extremely difficult nowadays for train riders to know the status of their trains unless they are right at the station to listen to the announcement. Knowing the news beforehand help with going for alternative routes, saving you a wealth of time.
  • Management Functions: Basically, this allow you to keep a list of stations and routes that you’re most interested in for easier access. All you need to do is to open the app in the morning, and you’re immediately taken to the management tab to see the health of your rides.


Generally speaking, this single app is going to be your key to taming the unpredictable network of trains that zipped across the entire country. It’s light (Owing to the lack of design efforts that had gone into this app), it’s functional, and most importantly, it provides accurate, live information that not a lot of apps can give, nowadays. A must to have if you’re a train rider.

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