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NBA Jam MOD APK v04.00.44 for Android - Download latest version
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NBA Jam by EA Sports v04.00.44 [MOD] 04.00.44

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NBA Jam MOD APK v04.00.44 for Android - Download latest version

NBA Jam by EA Sports v04.00.44 [MOD]
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Having one or two sports games on your smartphone is something that everybody would want, especially popular sports like soccer or basketball. However, it’s hard to find a good title among thousands of trashy games that are being released every day.

If that’s what happens to you right now, get ready to satisfy your inner athletic desire with powerful slam dunks in NBA Jam.

What NBA Jam Is About

The game is one of the two latest installments of the popular franchise – NBA Jam, which had made its first appearance on the SNES, Sega Genesis, and many more platforms back in 1993. Up until now, there have been ten versions of the game being released, with NBA Jam (2010) being the first on the Android.

NBA Jam by EA Sports APK

Featuring a 2-on-2 basketball game that stands out from most other titles, NBA Jam will give the players a unique experience. While the bodies were depicted in 3D graphics, your player’s heads are in 2D, this results in a cartoony and funny gameplay like no others.

With exaggerated elements, NBA Jam allows your players to perform superhuman jumps which can reach many times their own height, making slam dunks that defy any laws of physics or become simply unstoppable. This makes the game super fun and addictive for those who’re looking for fanatic basketball experiences.

NBA Jam by EA Sports APK

Some concepts in NBA Jam

Rich content – Players will have access to all 30 NBA teams from the world most competitive basketball league, each with your own favorite players depicted in the most unforgettable ways.

No rules – There are literary no penalties for every foul that you committed, except for defensive goaltending or 24-second violations. Which means that you’re free to give your opponents “friendly” shoves or elbows so they wouldn’t dare to stand in your ways. But we wouldn’t recommend you doing that, for good sportsmanship spirit (just kidding).

Hidden surprises – Apart from the addictive gameplay, there are tons of hidden rewards and tricks that players to use to receive cools prizes or boots. You can enter special codes to unlock hidden players or complete challenges to win unique characters.

NBA Jam by EA Sports APK

What you can do in NBA Jam

The game features 4 different game modes that you can dive right into:

Play Now – True to its name, this mode allows beginners to enjoy the fun of an NBA Jam game right away. Just download and install NBA Jam APK then you can jump right into the ballgame, no registrations are required.

Classic Campaign – The traditional mode gives the player a chance to play using their favorite NBA teams. Follow each of their every match, give it your bests to defeat all rival teams to win the championship, and reap the rewards at the end of the season. And as mentioned, you can get access to hidden players using ridiculously overpower cheats. Take advantage of their superiority to lead your team to victory.

Challenges – Aside from the classic campaign mode, players can take on many challenges which will give access to valuable prizes including items, players, boots, and many more.

Local Multiplayer – And if you’re bored of playing alone, let’s double the fun with the multiplayer mode. You can connect your phones to another and go head to head against your friends who are nearby using Bluetooth or a local WiFi connection. Noted that your friends must be using the same network as you’re if you’re connecting via WiFi.

Online Multiplayer – And for those who’re living with distances, join thousands of other players in the online multiplayer arena by connecting through your Google+ account. However, online matches are usually dependent on both of your WiFi connections so it might not as smooth as local multiplayer matches. Moreover, players should update their game to the most recent versions to receive better optimizations.

NBA Jam by EA Sports APK

What is Interesting in Playing NBA Jam

Nostalgia commentary – Kids from the 90s would definitely feel chills when listening to the recorded voices of the famous commentator – Tim Kitzrow, who was the original NBA play-by-play announcer. Get ready to hear all over again every classic catchphrase and many new ones that would certainly impress you.

Connect to compete – In the past, whenever you want to know about your friend’s current progress, you’ll have to meet up in person. With our advanced technologies today, you can stay connected to your friends through the internet with ease. Just log in to your Google+ account and connect the game to it, you’ll know how far your friends and others have gone so you can catch up to them or simply brag about your achievements. Compete with each other for the highest position in the leaderboards.

Enjoy quality images – You can even enjoy console gaming with your Android TV and all it takes is a compatible gamepad, which is super easy to find nowadays. Play against other Android mobile players and you can experience impressive images quality with NBA Jam on your Android TV.

A huge community of active players – Nothing rate a game better than its current number of active players and NBA Jam features some of the most crowded community of player in Google Play. You can receive supportive guides, tips, and tricks to get you familiar with the game quicker.

Mobile gaming with console quality – The best thing about this game is that it’s possible for you to enjoy the game anytime anywhere.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.

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