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myCBSEguide - CBSE Sample Papers & NCERT Solutions APK for Android
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myCBSEguide – CBSE Sample Papers & NCERT Solutions 2.2.9

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myCBSEguide - CBSE Sample Papers & NCERT Solutions APK for Android


CBSE is among the most important milestone in an Indian High School’s student life, but with its importance, came also great rigorousness that not a lot of people would be able to navigate without some helps. The CBSE contains multiple different subjects, and not only we must study them all and be fluent in some degrees with them, but there are also problems that we might not have ever seen before included. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have reference knowledge from sources outside of textbooks and notes to bring to the exam room.

This is what the app: ‘myCBSEguide’ is expected to do for you: A handy source of reference materials at the height of revision season before the final CBSE exam date.


The app is designed in a relatively graphical way: You have different sections and menus being tagged with an icon. Chemistry with a beaker, physics with an atom, mathematics with a calculator, e.t.c. and so on. This makes for a particularly easy on the eye surfing experience, as well as cutting the time it takes to familiarise with the user interface significantly.

Besides having access to syllabus and solutions, you also get sample papers from previous years, and revision notes from years prior to use them as a source for your own revision effort. The solutions are particularly comprehensive, and they address quite a lot of unique problems that you probably wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere beside the exam papers themselves. This gives you a significant edge over the rest of your peers by which that when you finally step into the exam room you would have had at least an inkling of what would transpire, or the gist of the problems that would appear on the page.

But the prized feature of the entire app is that some of the tasks and problems are gamified: You can quiz yourself with a couple of light games to play on the go to test your knowledge and your memory. This is significantly better and entertaining to do rather than having to read and re-read formulae and different facts over and over again to try and engrave them into your mind. Games such as this would give your brain an easier time remembering the materials you read.

Officially, however, the full complement of the features the app offers are listed as followed:

  • View latest CBSE syllabus for classes 3 to 12.
  • Access chapter-wise quick revision notes for free.
  • Go through the chapter-wise important questions.
  • Get NCERT Solutions for all the classes.
  • Practice unlimited tests online.
  • Play quizzes with your friends on real time and challenge them online.
  • Get notified for latest news and updates.
  • Revise and practice papers on the go.
  • Explore the gamified learning solutions.


Even though the exams are inherently (And infamously) difficult, you can balance out your odds pretty well with this app. Just a little bit of willingness to study, and it would be a great companion on your way to passing this obstacle.

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