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Download Magia Record English APK for Android

Magia Record English is a 2D JRPG game. The game is about girls in the magic world. All of them can become Magical Girls. The girls have a duty to fight Witches for the rest of their lives, everyone has a separate contract and all have one of their wishes. Strange things began to happen in a developing city called Kamihama. The magical girls began to regroup as if they were led by some mysterious force, and they participated in an endless battle. You will explore the world as Iroha Tamaki – a magical girl trying to understand what happened to her sister, and Homura Akemi – a magical girl looking to save her friend. Her most precious. A new hope is born when their feelings intersect.

Magia Record English allows you to create your own Magical Girls group. You fight your way through the story with many interesting missions. You use Disc (Command), Magic Formation, Skill and Magia (Special Attack) to win. You adventure through three different types of interesting stories of more than 30 unique magical girls. You can choose the main story, which is to follow Iroha when she hunts down her sister, Ui. You choose another story, that is traveling with Madoka and her friends through a different timeline; Or discover different stories of magical girls. You learn more about each magic girl through their own unique story. The real game of actors like: Momo Asakura, Sora Amamiya, Shiina Natsukawa, …

Magia Record English is an RPG based on the TV anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”. The game runs parallel to the original anime universe and introduces new characters that have never been included in the show. Tamaki Iroha, a magical girl who comes to Kamihama Shi to find her sister, and finds many other magical girls in the same city. The city is like a mysterious place and contains a strange power named Doppel, and they are determined to find the truth. The story brings great feelings for an interesting game like the cartoon Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The game was developed by f4samurai and it will be published by Aniplex USA in the US and Canada.

Magia Record English aims to develop a release to bring players into the world of magical girls. The game takes place in Kamihama city, and it will also have anime characters. Campaign game with rewards including Magia Stones and more. A highly successful mobile game based on the smash hit version of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. In fact, the animated version of Magia Record has been active in Japan for several years and it has no signs of stopping. An anime animation movie also has fans of the series. The game has been announced to release English to attract a large global audience. Mobile games are worth producing especially high for many people who created original anime. The game has a dense story, new witches and magical girls, and exciting RPG gameplay. The game was developed by f4samurai, and the producers included legendary composer Yuki Kajiura for the project.

Magia Record English is ready to attract players to the unique world of magical girls. The game takes place in the beautiful city of Kamihama, with real characters from the original anime. Currently, the pre-registration period has begun, including exclusive rewards like Magia Stones and more….

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