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Maestria APK Download by Antoine Latour - Android Puzzle Games
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Maestria 1.1

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Maestria APK Download by Antoine Latour - Android Puzzle Games

Maestria apk

Maestria apk

Maestria apk

Maestria apk

Maestria is an exciting 2D puzzle game. You will enjoy the unique game, if you like puzzle games. You will use your brain to solve many interesting puzzles. The game is impressed by the beautiful graphics, and the humanistic story. You can take a few minutes to pass a new level, or experience an hour of positive experience across the levels. The game is very easy to create game addiction, and you will enjoy the positive experience. Your friend’s mission is to help Fugue regain Harmony in eight enchanting worlds. Gameplay is simple, and you just need to ring the bell in the right order to win. The game creates 160 exciting levels.

The game is about a girl ringing a bell, and each level will be filled with bells that the player must receive in order to order. You will touch the main character, and a sound wave from the wand will go through a bell, the bell will turn off. The goal in each level is to move the Fugue, or the bell, into the correct position. From there, sound waves pass through the bells in the correct order.

The game uses cute graphics and bright pastel palette. Your task is only to ring the bell in the correct order, but it becomes more difficult through 160 levels. The game possesses slow gameplay, and creates a lot of relaxation. Melodious background music, interesting Fugue sound waves. the bell sounded not in contrast to the surrounding music.

Other obstacles are included in the gameplay, and it requires players to approach difficulties with new levels. The game is very perfect, but it doesn’t have a special highlight. The game will be less interesting with unique style favorites.
In short, games are a reasonable choice in a tough time. The game is not tiring with a variety of in-app purchases, flashy rewards and diverse experiences. The game will be suitable for light entertainment. You will enjoy with a soft, soothing bell.

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Maestria What's New

- Redesign of the controls: it is now easier to move objects with precision during gameplay
- The buttons in the in-game menu have been made larger; they were difficult to read on smartphone screens
- Fixed the translation of the option menu
- Fixed a display bug in colorblind mode
- In general, fixed various bugs in the menus and during gameplay

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