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Download LEGO Tower MOD APK + OBB v1.2.2 (Unlimited Money) for Android
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LEGO Tower 1.2.2

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Download LEGO Tower MOD APK + OBB v1.2.2 (Unlimited Money) for Android


LEGO Tower

LEGO Tower is a 2D simulation game – build. Your mission is to build a tall skyscraper. Each floor has a corresponding business or lego character. You are free to run your own business empire. You build and add floor to your tower, arrange the floors in different styles. You choose to manage shops, restaurants and other utilities on each floor. You turn some floors into comfortable rooms, or attract visitors to be profitable and grow your business. If you love building towers, the Lego Tower game will please you. The game has been announced for iOS and Android, and it promises to bring all the fun in LEGO style. LEGO towers will not play too differently than Tiny Towers. The simple task is to build and operate your own LEGO Tower.

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LEGO Tower rich in content. Because players will build towers, apartments for residents, businesses and other facilities. The game will come with lots of small characters, hidden characters and more interesting things. The game will also allow players to visit other players Tower towers to exchange items for the process of building their own towers. The game was built by NimbleBit – the creator of Tiny Tower classic mobile game. LEGO’s building blocks are a complete creative mix for tower-building game styles. LEGO pieces will arouse a lot of creative feeling, and fun for anyone.

LEGO Tower provides the ability to build and operate towers in their own style. You will build a variety of apartments, and businesses to live, work and play. You can visit your friends, and exchange commercial items for the construction process. Collect hundreds of unique puzzle pieces, and discover hidden characters. You have the ability to build the Dream Tower to a new level, but the sky is the limit. However, the game will bring about all the great memories of Tiny Tower play. A game is simple and smart.

LEGO Tower owns the same gameplay as Tiny Tower with LEGO style. You will discover tiny LEGO residents, complete the number of elements matching the pieces in the real world. Every part of the tower, from the lobby to the crane at the top, is made up of logical blocks. The game has more than 2,300 unique LEGO pieces, and it is available in 52 colors. You have the right to customize your LEGO with floor color, lobby style and many other interesting options available. The game promises a great simulation experience about the ability to build and manage floors of a skyscraper. Try to develop each floor, and organize an apartment, shop, restaurant or other type of business. After that, you take advantage of LEGO residents to get jobs, make money and build more floors. The game is rich in content, and deeply meaningful. The game is a great way to kill time on your mobile device.

LEGO Tower is a suitable choice for building lovers, and pieces of LEGO. The game supports both Android and iOS. You will enjoy many similarities with the old Tiny Tower. But players are creative enough to build their own unique and unique LEGO tower. Besides, you will create towers for residents, houses and apartments, businesses along with other facilities. Everything is diverse, lots of sizes and rich shapes. In addition, the content is always attractive by the diversification of small characters and hidden characters.

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