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Legacy of Atlantis: Master of Heart APK Download - Free RPG game for Android
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Legacy of Atlantis: Master of Heart 1.0.55

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Legacy of Atlantis: Master of Heart APK Download - Free RPG game for Android

Legacy of Atlantis: Master of Heart
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Legacy of Atlantis: Beginning of Division Review

You love RPG and strategy games but can’t seem to find time to enjoy them? Well, with mobile devices becoming more and more capable of handling heavy tasks, quality 3D gaming is becoming more and more approachable. You won’t need anything more than a mid-tier smartphone to be able to play all the famous titles.

Legacy of Atlantis: Beginning of Division is an awesome title that can be played right on your Android devices. Find out how to install it and what does this game can offer with our comprehensive review

Legacy of Atlantis : Beginning of Division

Installing Legacy of Atlantis: Beginning of Division

Any Android devices that use Android 4.1 and up are able to download and install this game. You can start by going to Google Play and look for the keyword “Legacy of Atlantis: Beginning of Division” in the games category.

Tap on the install button to start the download and installation. Once it is completed you just need to wait until the game finishes it setups and you’ll be able to start gaming. The game is only 63MB so it won’t likely to take too much time before the process finish.
Another thing, Android versions from 6 and up will require you to provide the Read/Write permission for external storage. This is just for loading the game’s data and patches only, your information will remain untouched. Noted that if you refuse this option, your game might not be able to load.

Legacy of Atlantis: Master of Heart

Playing Legacy of Atlantis: Beginning of Division

The game takes place in a fantasy world where you play as powerful heroes who venture to find the lost city of Atlantis. Find out what you’re destined to be during your adventure.
You can recruit mercenaries and heroes along your journey to power up your team and help you defeat might foes. The real-time action and team combat mechanism allow you to create mayhems during your battles as well as combining them in various strategies.

Players can create and craft certain gears depending on their levels and materials. Moreover, you can make friends or become guild members in order to acquire tools to create the strongest gear.

Legacy of Atlantis: Master of Heart

During your journey, you can encounter and befriend the mightiest heroes of Atlantis. Hence, they will then help you battle the evils along your journey.

Along with heroes, you can power up your mercenaries by level up their ranks, which enable some of their certain skills and abilities. This allows you to enhance them to their maximum potential.

On top of that, you can take on certain in-game challenges which consist of fight awfully powerful bosses as well as hundreds of minions in huge battle scales. Although it’s challenging, you can earn a fair amount of experiences as well as powerful items that can be used in future combats.

Legacy of Atlantis: Master of Heart


This game contains in-game purchases but it won’t have too much effect on your overall experiences. And again, you can earn important items just by spending more time playing it.
It is a good game that is relatively light to play on any Android. And you won’t likely to feel boring while playing it.

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