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Indian Railways @etrain.info APK Download - Android Railway System Apps
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Indian Railways @etrain.info 4.2.2

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Indian Railways @etrain.info APK Download - Android Railway System Apps

Indian Railways @etrain.info
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Even though the Indian Railways system is among the best in the world’s busiest railway system, catering to hundreds of thousands passengers per day across a multitude of stations and routes. This makes for a puzzling experience for anyone who wants to navigate this rather complex system, and at times, it can be straight out confusing and frustrating.

And that is the entire design point behind the eTrain app – which allows you to monitor all of the activities across the entire nation’s railroad system, compacted within your smartphone. The app brought many useful features to the table that anyone as a passenger would find great use of, especially those who find themselves having to take a ride regularly.


The app is utilitarian: Even though the user interface is usable and shows correctly all of the information that it ought to bring to the table, it is not much of a looker. The designer brings intuitiveness above all else, and a lot of people might prefer that over having a non-functional, yet eye-candy of an app.

Within this package, you get all of the following features that are listed directly on the app’s description, and can be accessed through the simplistic menu that you are greeted with once the app is fired up:

  • Live Train Running Status
  • PNR Status/Prediction
  • Train Route
  • Train Between Stations
  • Fare Calculator
  • Seat Availability
  • Seat/W/L Prediction
  • Rake Information/Train Composition
  • Arrival & Departure at Station.
  • Current Seat Booking Availability
  • Seat Map/Coach Layout
  • Transit Station Search
  • Train Running History/Statistics
  • Indian Railways Reservation Inquiry
  • Alternate Routes/Seat Suggestion

The most valuable features of all is the live train running status. While most of the other information can be easily obtained at the station, it is especially difficult to get an idea of how the different trains and routes are behaving without this app. Example being whether a train is delayed, cancelled, or rerouted. In the past, this is only known once you’ve reached the station, and it would be one frustrating experience of running around trying to find alternatives or different arrangements.

The ability to track the railroads live is the cream and butter of this entire app.

The other features include are management, and they would allow you to create for yourself a full-fledge travel plan based on the comprehensive information on different routes and trains that they provide. As well as the different statistics regarding them and analysis. It would give you the ability to be most up to date with virtually everything and have contingency travel plans for when your usual route got into trouble of not making it on time.


For such a useful app, you can’t really complain much for how much goods it would be able to give as an Indian train rider. Although the design of the app is relatively outdated and need a good update, it is sufficing for the moment. A definite must-have for anyone who commute regularly on trains.

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