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Idle Island - City Building Tycoon APK Mod 1.03.02 for Android - Download Latest version
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Idle Island – City Building Tycoon 1.03.02

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Idle Island - City Building Tycoon APK Mod 1.03.02 for Android - Download Latest version

Idle Island – City Building Tycoon is a 2D tactical game – simulation. Your mission is to build a city on a private island. You develop real estate business, earn cash, expand your empire and become a business tycoon. The game will bring many great construction experiences in our city. The game stands out from other city building games, and you have an idle approach. You can build homes, shops, expand territories, buy cars and invite citizens. Your town’s fate is in your hands, and you are the Mayor.

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Idle Island – City Building Tycoon will become an industrial city tycoon. You manage your city construction company. After that, you expand your business, build an empire, carry out challenges, discover the best strategy and earn as much money as possible. Try to build houses, shops, banks, factories, and many more wonderful things. You have to do everything to increase your population. You build houses for your citizens, build factories to increase your income, build different towns on your private island. You have to use many different strategies to develop your city construction company. In addition, you need to experience your city, and fully enjoy real-world play on ARCore-enabled devices.

Idle Island – City Building Tycoon is a construction game with all the best. Gameplay is easy to play, and you will quickly build a beautiful town. In particular, the game supports AR mode (augmented reality). Therefore, you can easily enjoy visual with challenging tasks, rewards and achievements. The game offers interesting mechanics. You will receive large amounts of idle money, even when you’re offline. The game supports management functions to 10 cities. You easily do everything to develop your building empire. Manage your company, develop yourself from an ordinary businessman into a truly giant state tycoon.

Idle Island – City Building Tycoon brings the construction of a beautiful city on your own island. You just need to expand and grow your city to make billions. You have a private island at your disposal, and you can show off your rich architectural talent and imagination. You build factories and houses, amusement parks and restaurants, theaters and architectural patterns. Real games are rich in content, and you can do it all to develop transport infrastructure and attract new citizens to your city. You need to do many things to increase your profit and upgrade your city.

Idle Island – City Building Tycoon has many great choices for entertainment and experience. You will need the ability to build and business city easy to play and interesting. Please try to create a beautiful town in your own style. Gameplay is idle and fun. You will like intuitive gameplay with challenging tasks, great rewards. Support game that benefits from the city, even when you’re offline. You are ready to manage 10 diverse cities, and do not need an Internet connection. You will build a city on the island of your own paradise, and do it all to reach out. A city on a private island is waiting for you. You will need to do many things to develop your business, make lots of money, expand your empire and become a future real estate tycoon.

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Idle Island – City Building Tycoon What's New

- Added AR mode (for ARCore supported devices).
- Minor bug fixes.

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