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Granny 1.6.1

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Granny APK Download by DVloper - Android Horror Games

Granny: A Mess of a Horror Game, But Still Has Essence

I first came to Granny with high expectation, despite the subtle warnings exuding from the game’s download page on Google Play.

The red flags went from the cliché plot line involving a psychotic family member (And a title that reflects just that quite literally). Down to the horrible graphic that I suspect was made by a developer who created the entire thing from scratch after going through a one-day crash course on Unity. But with more than 50,000,000 unique downloads registered, and a staggering 4.5/5 rating by the numerous players it had garnered … I have to give it a shot.

Granny apk

Locked Up

The moment you entered the game, you’re greeted with an atypical menu screen of a D-list horror game. The humongous title of the screen hanging at one corner of your screen, completed with a full-body shot of the antagonist: ‘Granny’ standing in the doorway.

The moment you see ‘Granny’ in her entire glory, it’s hard not to feel slightly amused. The last thing you would ever want your audience to feel when it comes to a horror game.

Granny looks like a hunk of un-sharpened polygon dressed in white drape that was pulled straight from a 90s horror game. My reminiscence of the original Resident Evil was far better in term of design. She wielded a baseball bat – a classic murder weapon, with which she would bash your skulls to bits when she caught you.

The plot of the game revolves around its 5-day episodes: By the time of the fifth day, you have to get out of the house you’re currently being locked in with Granny on a psychotic rampage. And of course, you also have to avoid Granny all that time.

Granny apk

Entering the game, you’re introduced with the interface. A virtual D-pad to the left, your inventory, and a human figure that indicates your health at the upper left corner of the screen. A simple set-up, even though it wasn’t outstandingly done, it’s enough for you to get the supposed experience out of the game.

The graphic, much like the way Granny herself was designed, is a mess. Low-quality textures, along with clumsy level designs made it relatively difficult to take the game seriously. But when I least expect it, the game turns out quite redeeming.

Granny apk

Fearful Atmosphere

The accolade must go directly to the sound design.

While Granny was a complete disaster when it comes to graphic, you have to give it to ‘DVloper’ for their usage of sound. Even though the bleak piano ambient was rather trite at first, later on, I really found myself enjoying the atmosphere that it enhanced. Coupling with the rushing, ominous air in the background, it can really give you the creep the more you invest your attention to the actions on screen.

Everything from your footsteps on the planked floors, to the rustling of the cabinet when you interacted with it. To the sound of an object you dropped clanking on the floor and the resounding footstep of Granny herself. The audio design really enhanced the horror atmosphere that the graphics failed to deliver.

Probably why the developers had asked implicitly the players to wear headphones for full experience.

Sound was, in fact, an integral part of the game. Any noises you make can attract Granny to your location, and that is a far more ingenious feature than just random or scripted encounters seen in so many horror mobile titles. Soon enough you learned to conserve every footstep, looking over your shoulders, and burrowed yourself in a locker or under a bed every once in a while, to limit the noise you’re making exploring the house.

Granny apk

But hardly anyone ever managed to finish the game without being caught by Granny once. Once you do … the cutscene wasn’t particularly that much a jump scare. At least for me, personally. It involves Granny swinging her bat in an awkward motion, screeching a low inhuman noise in the process, and you died on the floor after the screen is coated in blood.

I expected something that would elicit from me the true horror of seeing myself being killed, but the game failed quite short. To be completely honest, the true horror of the game is derived entirely from the atmosphere that the audio brought to the table. As well as the hide-and-seek game that you played with Granny, although it was less kid-friendly than I could remember when I played with my gran – and probably when you played with yours, too.


Was the game worth the approximately 30 minutes of playing? Probably.

It was relatively enjoyable once you got passed all of the ridiculousness that’s the amateur graphic of the game and the overwhelming number of ads that popped up. In all honesty, these things popping up out of nowhere while you’re running down the dark hallway is more effective a jump scare than Granny herself could ever be.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a quick scare, I’m not stopping you.

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Granny What's New

*Added rats (Nightmare mode).
*Christmas is gone.
*Changed Scripting Backend to Mono.
*Fixed some bugs.

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