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GrandChase Mod APK Download Latest version 1.13.5
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GrandChase 1.13.5

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GrandChase Mod APK Download Latest version 1.13.5






GrandChase is an immersive 2D game – online strategy. The game has beautiful graphics, rich gameplay, and many interesting products. The game possesses a rich hero system, vivid colors. You can collect 70 powerful generals with extremely cute shapes. Players can optionally set up tactical teams with superheroes. You can recruit heroes through shooting heroes, fighting. Heroes will also have a hierarchy from low to high, and each hero has his own fighting ability.

The game features a cute character image, and creates characters in an extremely cute chibi form. Each character is designed in a small version, simple clothes with vivid colors. Each hero possesses different unique skills. In particular, the game has a diverse copy system. You can assemble powerful squad to overcome the supplement. Every time in a side-by-side version, players must face different monsters. You need to destroy monster bosses to win many attractive prizes.

The game offers an exciting real-time experience, and it is a continuation of the Grand Chase superhero on PC. You will continue the journey to recruit heroes, gather super strong army and defeat the evil KazeAaze. The content is about the two kingdoms, Kanaban and Serdin, and everything is in darkness because of the suppression of the name of the great ghost KazeAaze – a monster with tremendous power. At the same time, KazeAaze also possesses an extremely cruel army of monsters. Faced with that situation, the best heroes and warriors in the two kingdoms of Kanaban and Serdin gathered to confront KazeAaze together. Your mission is to bring happiness and peace back to the land. The player’s mission is to recruit heroes, dominate an army of excellent warriors, and bring special powers to enter the adventure.

The mobile version has all unique heroes, including new characters and familiar heroes in the original version. Players can choose and combine to form their own strong army. After that, bring them into exciting, dramatic battles. Battles take place in the horizontal screen interface, and players will participate in the entire battlefield, the activities of the characters. You will be fighting in many different environments such as plains, deserts or dungeons, castles. In particular, gamers can change the angle of view to admire the skills and skills in a clear and satisfying way.

Hero character in the game is designed in extremely cute chibi style. Each person will bring a unique appearance, no one looks like anyone. Besides, the effects of skills, movements and actions of each character are also carefully dealt with. Players will have the best experience. Get ready to command your hero team with an easy-to-use control mechanism. You should remember that each of your decisions can change the battle situation. Players have full power to decide the time of skill, sequence, goal and orientation. In addition, you will have a real action experience on mobile devices with 100 fierce monsters at the same time.

The game impressed by the number of more than 20 million players globally. The game is legendary RPG, and you will continue the large-scale quest to find Kaze’aze through space. In addition, the appearance of many new characters has formed a diverse lineup with familiar heroes. You can choose and combine to create your own unique army. Finally, be ready for a different strategy, and bring an enjoyable playing experience.

MOD features

  • Attack Multiplier (x1 ~x10)
  • God Mode
  • PvP – PvE
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    Fake, just a standard apk without mod

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