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Evertale APK + Data v1.0.8 Download - Android Role Playing Games
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Evertale 1.0.8

Android,Games,Role Playing, ZigZaGame Inc.

Evertale APK + Data v1.0.8 Download - Android Role Playing Games

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Evertale is an immersive 2D game – action. Your mission will be to catch and grow monsters. You will dive into a spectacular fantasy world, and explore mysterious monsters. You will capture, fight and train mysterious monsters to fight. The game has vast landscapes, bustling cities and legendary dungeons in the large open world. You will join a group of heroes, and free the dead Erden world of Pandemonium. You will collect, train and develop over 180 creatures and warriors to fight alongside super-fast monster battles.

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Evertale created an offline story an attractive player. You build your team, and test your skills against global players online. You must fight fast-paced PvP tournaments, and establish guilds with other players. You unlock the limited edition equipment, increase your strength and discover even more amazing things to take your team to new heights. You go through 6 diverse Erden regions, and each region has their own unique monsters to collect. In addition, you discover legendary weapons, accessories and equipment to power your warriors, and win against opponents.


Evertale allows building strategies from hundreds of unique ability combinations. You will devastate your opponents in attractive turn-based 4v4 combat. In addition, you also compete in real-time PvP tournaments, and establish guilds to collaborate with other players to discover rare items. Participate in weekly online events, and unlock exclusive limited characters for the collection.


Evertale talks about the world of Erden – the land disturbed by an ancient curse, Pandemonium, a cover of demons that appears every 100 years. You will join two young heroes and allies on the way to complete a dangerous mission. Discover the secret to ending this long-standing curse once and for all. The game gives players the experience of catching real monsters like Pokemon GO, but it still has unique characteristics.


Evertale is developed by ZigZaGame, and you will enjoy a bold mental game of the original series. The game has a powerful monster feeding system. Players will catch wild monsters, train them to evolve in many different forms. You enjoy the spectacular fantasy world. You will collect, fight and train with mysterious monsters. You also explore a vast game environment of bustling cities and legendary dungeons in Evertale. Quickly join a group of unique heroes and rescue the deadly world of Pandemonium.

Evertale allows collecting, fighting and training over 180 special creatures. Find the best team to stand by and fight alongside you in dramatic battles. The game promises many great experiences in an attractive player mode. You will discover a thrilling storyline. In addition, you can build a team and test your skills by competing with global players. The game offers a great fighting feeling in fast-paced PvP tournaments. Set up guilds with other players to unlock limited-edition equipment, power up monsters and to take your monster to new heights. Be ready to join two young heroes and allies to discover the secret, and end the long curse in Evertale.

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