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Dragon Nest M APK Download - Free Action game for Android
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Dragon Nest M 1.1.0

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Dragon Nest M APK Download - Free Action game for Android

Prepare to witness the float that is about to head to the Holy Paradise, which flashes the memory of glory. Dragon Nest M SEA – a beautiful action & RPG game that comes up with the appealing 3D graphics of the Eastern style. At the start of their epic journey, players need to select a suitable hero of their own and get ready to join the battles!

Dragon Nest M

Choose a hero from different classes before the adventure

You will need to opt for a hero from classic in-game classes and then go to search for the dragon-shaped demon. He was reborn, so you’re the one who is assigned to defeat him and save the world from the massive destruction. Once joining the fights, the players get to experience many colorful battles, passages of different quests.

And greater than that, the discovery of different lands and fascinating experiences are still waiting for you on the way to the final victory and the global glory. Well, just like the original PC version, you might have a lot of hard monsters to slay and various valuable items to collect.

Dragon Nest M

An optimized mobile version

Dragon Nest M gets adapted from the original PC version, and unlike that version, this mobile one gets optimized. Though as some players said, the gameplay here feels pretty the same as the PC version, the graphics are still good, and we even have some auto buttons in this version. Such elements are enough to make your gaming experience the most enjoyable.

But one of the most common issues you might encounter here is the energy source that potentially restricts the entire gameplay. In detail, when playing the RPG mobile versions, people often get bored with the “Auto Question” feature that is seen quite common nowadays. Interestingly, the game developers know how to make advantage of it.

This auto button only shows up whenever your character is trying hard to look for a way to the NPC no matter if it’s finishing that quest or claiming a new one.

Dragon Nest M

An interesting storyline

Another key point that you might like us to highlight is the game storyline. What that of Dragon Nest M gives to us is pretty entertaining and attractive. All of the in-game cutscenes in different stages succeed in making the story more polished than ever. This only causes most players to keep wondering what truly lies ahead.

For the first thing that appears on the screen, the story depicts a female character who has been kidnapped. And you will be the one who will save her. Besides, it pretty feels like that you’re the only one sticking to the game for the first time you hit the “Play” button.

Dragon Nest M

Three various and flexible types of camera to view

Another bonus we can’t miss from Dragon Nest M would be that you freely choose what style of camera you desire to avail during the fights. There are about three different kinds of the camera to use, such as 2.5D, 3D, and 3D Free View.

With the 2.5D, the players are given a bigger scale of battle view while in the 3D view, you can have a classic view that is perfect for one-on-one battles. How about the free view? It’s considered as a customizable view from your preference.

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