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Dark Avenger X APK Download - Free Role Playing game for Android
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Dark Avenger X 0.4.0

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Dark Avenger X APK Download - Free Role Playing game for Android

Dark Avenger X
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Dark Avenger X APK

Dark Avenger X APK

Dark Avenger X APK

Dark Avenger X APK

▼ Fight as you think with freedom action ▼
Speedy & decide refreshing action with simple operation!
Take control of the battlefield by “Monster Ride” on the monster, rob the weapon from the enemy with “weapons robbery”, sting the Todome brilliantly with “Finish skill” … fight as you think with freedom action!

▼ Battle! Mixture Online multiplayer battle of incandescence ▼
“Compete” competing with rivals nationwide, real time multi battle of incandescence with “cooperation” fighting a mighty enemy with friends!

1 vs 1: One-on-one serious game where true ability is tried! Sharpen your skill and defeat the rival of the whole country!
3 vs 3: Team vs 3: 3 vs 3! Collaboration with the team and strategy hold the key to victory!

Raid: Four people challenging the mighty boss! Understanding the characteristics of the boss and making a strategy is the key to capture!
Party Dungeon: Lay down countless enemies with tags with friends!

▼ Create your own character ▼
Quick sword shoot, colorful magic, powerful huge ax, bow of wide range pressure … Find your favorite style from 4 player characters!
With character customization, it is possible to set detail to the position of parts of each part as well as face, hair style, body shape, skin color! Let’s create a unique character!

■ Required environment ■
OS 4.4 or higher, RAM 2 GB or more (Galaxy S5 or higher)
※ Some models do not work even if they meet the environment.
※ Please secure the capacity before installation.

About application permission ■
With this application, access permission is required to provide the following services.

· Required permissions
Camera: Shooting screenshots etc. necessary for support at inquiry
Photo: Posting images to support form when contacting us
Microphone: Using voice chat
Storage: Save Asset

· How to cancel access permission
Android 6.0 or higher: Settings> Applications> Select applicable access permission> Select access permission on / off
Android less than 6.0: Upgrade OS to turn off permissions, remove app

※ Because the application may not provide the agreement function for each access privilege, you can turn on / off the access permission by the above method.

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