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Dancing Line APK MOD Unlimited Money for android - Download latest version
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Dancing Line

Android,Arcade,Game, Cheetah Games

Dancing Line APK MOD Unlimited Money for android - Download latest version

Dancing Line
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Dancing Line is an arcade 3D game – music. The game is a combination of speed and music creatively. Players will have a great experience of entertainment, music. The player’s task is to click and click to navigate a straight line. Straight lines need to go in the right direction, and avoid obstacles by touching the screen. You will enjoy the movement and the fun-filled melodies.

Dancing Line is a game that combines speed and creative music. Players will have different amazing experiences. Each level presents a different story. Levels are difficult to progress over time. You will feel many different game styles according to the great music in the game. Let’s challenge your speed together. The game will fit “dead time” like waiting for a bus, waiting for a train, waiting for friends, lovers or enjoying a coffee on weekends. Simple, yet addictive gameplay built in one touch. Players can fully experience the game with one hand, in any situation, anytime, anywhere. The player will guide a color line through a variety of different areas. You need to listen to music very carefully. You will touch the screen to change the direction of the straight line to the left or right to avoid obstacles. Everything is constantly changing according to the magical world ahead.

The Dancing Line challenges your reflexes, and your rhythm skills. The game combines fast gameplay on background melodies, and everything is carefully selected to create a special experience. Players will draw a unique picture, and enjoy different emotions. You need to observe obstacles or pitfalls to play the entire song. You need to feel the beat and the melody to act quickly and accurately. The game is designed with interesting colors, shapes but not rough. players will paint beautiful landscape paintings in many different areas, from golden forest to blue sea, from snowy places to arid desert. The game will bring you extremely wonderful experiences. In particular, lovers of piano melodies will love this game.

The Dancing Line is simple but hard to master. You need to listen to music and guide exactly one piece of string through situations, turn left and right with music. You need to hit the screen correctly, avoid obstacles, and play under changing situations. The game impressed by great music creation, and each level presents different stories. Gameplay is simple, and you only need one finger with music sensation to succeed.

The Dancing Line is a fun game for music lovers. You will enjoy every change of music, and the creative movement in the empty direction. You need to be careful to face obstacles, and avoid falling into the abyss. You need to overcome the pitfalls and time to move well in difficult tasks. The game has many interesting locations and different instruments. The game uses a lot of different colors in each stage, such as bright orange, dark brown tones in the spirit of the song.

In short, Dancing Line Free is a very cute music game. The game is an interesting combination of movement, piano in a unique musical space. You will become a piano player in a whole new way. You will be interested in moving to different keys on the keyboard of the keyboard in the background of classical music in a separate way.

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Dancing Line What's New

***Double Level Update***
- New level: The Alley, first level of Wonderland comes to you!
- New tutorial level: The Spring Lullaby, let's enter into the spring world!
- Luckybox: we've put more levels and line skins in luckybox now :)
- Optimization: UI layout revision

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