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Download Cytus II APK + OBB Data 2.4.0 (Full Unlocked) for Android
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Cytus II (Full Unlocked) 2.4.0

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Download Cytus II APK + OBB Data 2.4.0 (Full Unlocked) for Android

Cytus II is a 2D music game – adventure. You join the musical rhythm in the world of great adventure. The game is the serial version according to three global successes, “Cytus”, “DEEMO” and “VOEZ”. The next section brings the original staff, and is a great product of hard work and dedication. The game talks about the future world, people redefine the development and internet connection. Now we can easily synchronize the real world with the internet world. This changes life as we know it for thousands of years. However, cytus virtual space exists a mysterious DJ legend. His music has an irresistible appeal. People love crazy with his music. every note and rhythm of his music touched the audience. One day, Æsir suddenly announced the first major virtual concert. On FEST, millions of people connected to the event and the city fell from the sky.

Cytus II

Cytus II minimizes the unique “Active Judg Line” rhythm. Your task is to click on notes, judge the beat to gain a high score. Through five different types of notes and proactive judgment lines, you feel the beat of the music and experience the action combined with the music. Players can easily immerse themselves in songs. The game has a total of more than 100 high-quality songs (35+ in the basic game, 70+ in the form of IAP). The game includes songs by composers from around the world, Japan, Korea, USA, Europe, Taiwan and more. You experience different characters, and play songs from different genres including: electronic, rock and classical. This game will live up to the hype and expectations.

Cytus II offers over 300 different charts. All are specially designed, and expand from easy to difficult. Game content is rich, and can please players at different levels. You are ready to experience interesting challenges and enjoy the feeling of your fingertips. Explore the virtual internet world with the characters of the game. The unique story system will lead players and characters to experience the story and the mysterious world behind. You are ready to discover the truth of the story with a rich cinematic visual experience.

Cytus II is a great choice for music enthusiasts. The game goes into the player’s heart by the great melodies and the incredibly creative play mechanism. Gameplay requires gamers to perform a multitude of different touch gestures, and this brings an exciting challenge in the vibrant music that resounds in the ears. The game offers an interactive mechanism similar to the old version, but each Node requires a special release. Every Node that appears on the screen must blend well with the Music Beat. Therefore, gamers have to interact with their hands and feel the music.

In short, Cytus II is a genre interactive music game with stunning graphics quality. You experience and enjoy the extremely “top” music with interesting interactive gameplay. You have to manipulate a lot of different songs in a unique and interesting way. The game is a follow-up to the success of the Cytus franchise of the same name. The game has a rich character system, and a diverse music store. This creates the most complete music ecosystem. You can use headphones and enjoy great moments of relaxation. Interactive game easily by touch touch, and support online score synchronization.

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  1. Zoroark says:

    It’s not working, it still paid, not fully unlocked.

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