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Codename SOC APK for Android - Online Zombie Survival 3D game
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Codename SOC APK for Android - Online Zombie Survival 3D game


Codename SOC is an online zombie survival 3D game. The game was developed by Tencent – the giant developer behind PUBG Mobile. The game owns the world extremely beautiful, large, because it is provided by Unreal Engine 4. You will experience the journey in a post-apocalyptic environment as a wandering man. The game is like the perfect combination of LifeAfter and Days Gone. You control characters riding motorcycles around the world. The game has beautiful lighting effects, and use a torch needed to illuminate the darkness.

Codename SOC

Codename SOC has a creative play. You will build a fortress and control everything along with other survivors. You can experience classic action scenes like fencing, shooting, power trapping and using explosive barrels. The game supports the experience of a third person perspective, and the first person. Therefore, the character can look at the barrel to refine a great shot. In addition, you will also receive the rescue of characters from a great flying helicopter. The game can provide great means to increase the experience. In particular, you realize the excellent graphics style cinema.

Codename SOC

The Codename SOC is expected of a mobile super product about zombie action. The game uses impressive context, and excellent graphics. The game really overwhelmed people with trailer school, and great content. The game allows gamers to travel in a post-world world. They were all drowned by a deadly zombie. In the dead world, gamers will have to do everything to ensure their lives from gathering food and water, building defense and making defensive weapons … Everything will contribute to the onions. Your own survival process. Of course you will not be completely single in the fierce journey, and you will be assisted by other survivors. You will build outposts or a large base of bases.

Codename SOC

Codename SOC always brings great experiences, not safe before the bloodthirsty Zombie herds. You will fight with all kinds of heterogeneous creatures like climbing forms. You will witness zombie ants crossing high walls, crossing electric fences, even crawling on the roof of the roof towards the player. The game will definitely bring about an intense and exciting experience. The game always promises great things in the big world. The game is a mix of survival and RPG with exciting PvE mode. The game uses realistic graphics and creates everything experience on Android.

Codename SOC created great characters. You will survive on a densely populated land of zombies, and those who move in hunger. You need to do it all against zombies like building a strong base, building strong defenses, setting traps and fending off enemies more and more, and getting increasingly difficult. Codename: Soc promises to bring fun, and fit in great games. You will enjoy the world better, and focus on broad cooperation. You will discover, and build good bases for the best preparation. Try to succeed in a wonderful world. You need to gather resources, improve skills, travel and explore everything. The game offers all the privileges to succeed in the difficult zombie world. In short, get ready to experience the spectacular zombie survival game by the amazing Unreal Engine 4, with fun actions like building bases, fighting weapons, building a defensive line.

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