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Code: Survive APK Download - Free Action game for Android
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Code: Survive APK Download - Free Action game for Android

Code: Survive
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Code: Survive

Code: Survive

Code: Survive

Code: Survive is a 3D adventure game – action online. You will be immersed in the world of darkness, coldness, and only fragile hopes. The game has an amazing graphics platform with the ultimate 3D graphics engine. Players can use a third-party battle mode, and easily rotate 360 degrees. Players will easily observe, and optimize every movement to bring the best experience. Players will be playing the most basic character classes in the game. You will be using fairly primitive weapons like bows and simple equipment. Then you can go through the process of gathering equipment from a variety of elements such as a treasure chest, picking up falling items from other players. The player can be armed, and become stronger. Each PvP battle can hold between 20 and 100 people. You will face Zombie pandemics, and also other players.

Code: Survive Features:

  • Free download
  • Easy to play but it’s very hard to win.
  • Many exciting tasks
  • Different upgrades and bonuses
  • HD and 3D graphics with great sound effects
  • Dynamic and great lighting effects
  • Worldwide Leaderboards
  • Regular updates with new features
  • Connect with friends worldwide
  • Join the team to fight with friends
  • Character customization system is unique and diverse.
  • Enjoy the world of darkness, coldness, and zombies.
  • Easy to observe, and optimize every movement.
  • Collect treasure chests, and various weapons: bows, knives, swords.
  • Experience PvP battles with around 20 to 100 people.
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