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Burger.io APK Download - Android Devour Burgers in Fun IO Game
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Burger.io 1.1

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Burger.io APK Download - Android Devour Burgers in Fun IO Game

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Crazy hamburgers are coming! They’re ready to battle and swallow as much food as they can – including you!

It’s very important to dodge the monsters in the arena. When you’re small, you’re defenseless, so show them who the boss is – eat more, become bigger, and then eat them!

Burger.io is a fast-paced reaction io game in which players try to gobble all the food around them to become the biggest eater in the arena! The first player to eat all the enemies wins.

Forget about monotonous, casual MMO games!

This is an insanely fun and addicting io game with many options that all ages can enjoy. It’s a “rapid reaction” game, so if you’re a fan of speed-based games – have fun with us! Anyone can play – it’s simple and exciting! Endless hours of fun with your mobile device.

The game gets surprisingly tense, with lots of moments where one nimble devourer grows bigger when you least expect it and eats you.

How to play

– Select the desired skin for your Burger

– Collect food to grow and boost power-ups

– Watch out for traps – there are lots of them!

– Be aware of your enemies and run from them as fast as you can. They want to eat you!

– Eat all enemies to head up the list!

– Conquer online ratings!

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