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Blade Reborn APK Download - Free RPG game for Android
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Blade Reborn 1.0.1

Action,Android,Game,RPG, Snail Games USA Inc

Blade Reborn APK Download - Free RPG game for Android

Blade Reborn
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Blade Reborn

Blade Reborn

Blade Reborn

Blade Reborn

Blade Reborn is a 3D MMORPG game. You will enter into a peace-keeping war. The demon race is plotting a massive invasion. You need the blessing to succeed in the fight. Darkness is on the rise, and you have to avoid evil. At this very moment, you will use the warriors for centuries before. You take your weapon, join the underworld and fight for great benefits. You must fight the demon race, and protect the iron blessings. You build your myth in different devil worlds with different settings, and explore endless dungeons. You will participate in the special three hero option to kill the killer. You will move your weapons freely during combat, and combine many styles in action combat with many special skills for each weapon. Also, you also learn random attributes for each weapon, instrument, equipment. You will create many outfits with your favorite colors and styles. The game has a variety of gameplay, and you will experience challenging challenges. Finally, the game has a nice graphics background, and lots of detail.

Blade Reborn Features:

  • Free download
  • Easy to play.
  • Many exciting tasks
  • Different upgrades and bonuses
  • Dynamic and great lighting effects
  • Worldwide Leaderboards
  • Regular updates with new features
  • Connect with friends worldwide
  • Experience the classic Dungeon, and explore your legends in different devilish worlds with different settings.
  • HD and 3D graphics with great sound effects
  • Explore loots and gold in endless dungeons.
  • Discover one of three special heroes: Immortal Gaio, Unparalleled Warrior, Silent.
  • Discover up to 64 different skill talents for each class.
  • Support for free weapon transfer during combat, and hack’n’slash action combat with 4 specially designed skills.
  • Identify and learn random attributes for each weapon, instrument, and equipment.
  • Customize your outfit with your favorite colors and styles.
  • Explore varied gameplay, and endless dungeons.
  • Option to play SOLO or Queue with friends.
  • Join the battlefield MOBA, and support up to 25vs25.
  • Challenge and pick up rare loot World Boss, rare Boss, and Fortune Raider.
  • Experience phenomenal graphics with HD maps, special effects, and the latest Flexi engine.
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