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Ben 10 Heroes APK + OBB Data v1.1.0 for Android - Latest version
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Ben 10 Heroes 1.1.0

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Ben 10 Heroes APK + OBB Data v1.1.0 for Android - Latest version

Ben 10 Heroes
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Ben 10 Heroes is a 2D puzzle game – adventure – action. The game is based on the famous animated story Ben 10. The game uses the alien powers of the Omnitrix to save the Earth. The game creates many exciting battles in 3 fast paced. The game collects an arsenal of aliens, and upgrades them. You need to unlock special power abilities to bring great advantages in battle. You choose teams with three aliens, and use their powers strategically to defeat your opponents in real-time battles.

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Ben 10 Heroes brings many great experiences in the familiar brick puzzle game. You arrange the bricks on the battle board to increase your alien power. After that, you use energy to release fire storms, upper roads, crystal swords, laser beams, stinking explosions and even more amazing skills. You fight all your favorite villains on epic locations from the TV series Ben 10. You are ready to unlock the alien powers of the Omnitrix and save the Earth from difficulties.

Ben 10 Heroes promises great content. You need to power up and release epic alien powers in battle. Then, you use your favorite aliens from dramas like Four Arms, Heatblast, Diamondhead, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Overflow, Gray Matter, Stinkfly, XLR8. In particular, you upgrade monster versions with greater power. You turn your aliens into battle to complete your unmatched strategy. The game has a lot of rare and monumental rewards. Open Omnivaults to discover many great things. You collect, level up, and manage your aliens, and each monster has its own signature play style and power. The game needs mischief, so you use the power of aliens strategically in battle. After each battle, you gain experience and level up your aliens to unlock their true potential. New aliens will be added over time.

Ben 10 Heroes is also impressed by the original content. You fight with all your favorite villains including Vilgax, Hex, Dr. Animo, Zombozo, Steam Smythe, Maurice, Sydney and more. Be ready to discover Vilgax’s final plan, stop Omnitrix’s control, and protect the Earth. In addition, the game constantly organizes special events to earn epic Omnivaults, and unlock powerful new aliens. Be ready to complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks to unlock rewards. New aliens, adventures and new rewards are added regularly.

In short, Ben 10 Heroes is a puzzle game – great animation. You will stand side by side with Ben 10 to defeat the alien villains. You use many unique abilities of heroes and great boosters. You enjoy the ability to transform heroes like famous cartoons of the same name. The game has different aliens with unusual looks, different skills. You use powerful abilities to protect the planet from danger coming from deep space. You overcome the villain challenge, unlock new aliens Ben by combining colorful tiles to increase hero’s skills. Get ready for many interesting tasks with famous characters in the graphics game – high quality sound.

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