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Attack On Titan Tactics Mod APK 1.0.42 for Android - Latest version
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Attack On Titan Tactics 1.0.42

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Attack On Titan Tactics Mod APK 1.0.42 for Android - Latest version


Attack On Titan Tactics is a tactical 2D role-playing game. The game takes place in a world with giants, and they rule everything. Mankind has become the prey of giants. The security force built a giant wall 50 meters high, and it prevented the invasion outside the wall. Gameplay impresses by supporting vertical controls, gamers can fully play with one hand. The game owns more than 30 familiar characters that appear. You can easily create a suitable squad, combine the power of soldiers and compete with giants. Revive the powerful story of “Attack on Titan: Assault APK“. In particular, the game supports character voice recording of luxury voice actors.

Attack On Titan Tactics brings a familiar cast of characters like Eren Jäger – a boy dreaming about the world outside the wall, Mikasa Ackerman with the mission to protect Ellen, Almin Arlert is the childhood friend of Ellen and Mikasa, Levi – Survey Corps chief of staff and considered the strongest soldier of humanity, Elvin Smith – leader of the Corps survey. Gamers will not need to be too stressed, and you need to streamline character tags, rationally allocate resources to fight giant attacks. Gamers appreciate the 3DCG and anime segments between missions. Players will have more great experiences, and if you don’t like such CGs, you can skip or turn it off completely. Besides, the characters will have their own battle and defense parameters and require certain energy to be summoned.

Attack On Titan Tactics offers a variety of specific tasks. The game will also give some suggestions so you can arrange a reasonable attack to complete easily. The story missions here will follow the story from the anime, and there will also be some original story missions with the characters in the program. The game will have 38 characters with different skills and abilities. In particular, the game uses exclusive voice moments in the story and while fighting. The game offers a great experience in creative real-time strategy. players build their own Scout Regiment team to protect the base from the monstrous Titans wave. The game will come with three main game modes – Story mode after anime, Character sets with original plot and Time-limited Events.

Attack On Titan Tactics brings up to 38 different characters with different abilities, including fan favorites like Eren, Mikasa and Armin, to stop the wave of Titans destroying their base. Different characters have different abilities, and strong points that can hinder or destroy Titans in a hurry. If Scouts are not freed quickly from the Giant, they will disappear in the rest of the round. In addition to the excellent gameplay, the game will also feature voice acting from Japanese anime actors and theme songs from Linked Horizon.

Attack On Titan Tactics promises great experiences for the tactical genre – general card. Players will collect general cards that are familiar characters from Attack on Titan such as Eren, Mikasa, Levi to create a tactical formation against the Titans. Get ready for fierce battles along the vertical screen, and enjoy the special skills of the character. A suitable card strategy game for gamers who love the Attack on Titan brand of the painter Hajime Isayama.

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